I'm trying to setup key based authentication for ssh on my Ubuntu 12.04 server following this tutorial and that.

It's not really working but I have another problem slowing me down, which is that I can't restart the ssh service.

I can ssh to the server without any trouble. If I do ps aux | grep -i "ssh" I can see the sshd process but if I do service sshd restart then I get "sshd unrecognized service". I can restart ssh but I take it that's a client, not a server.

If I Google "sshd unrecognized service" I get to know all about troubleshooting ssh connectivity but that's not my problem.

I tried purging and reinstalling openssh-server, to no effect.

How can I restart the sshd service if that service doesn't exist?

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The SSH server service in Ubuntu is named "ssh". Just run sudo service ssh restart to restart it.

  • This may be true of Debian in general. It's the case in Raspbian Jessie.
    – dnuttle
    Jul 1, 2017 at 13:18

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