I have configured squid proxy server and blocked Facebook site. I need to give permission for a particular user to access Facebook for a limited time. For that how to modify the configuration file. this the screen shot of the configuration file.

Screen shot (The font size is small, so please zoom the image)

In this line,

http_access deny Facebook all !allowip118 !allowip113 !allowip108 !allowip18 

What is configured here ?. Facebook is denied but what !allowip113 indicates ?


The !allowip... records are exceptions for certain IPs. You would need to define a new one (following the syntax of the existing acl src rules) and then just add that name to the list.

So if you start with:

http_access deny facebook all !allowip118 !allowip113 !allowip108 !allowip18

You end with:

acl allowbob src
http_access deny facebook all !allowip118 !allowip113 !allowip108 !allowip18 !allowbob

Or instead of editing the deny, add an explicit allow for allowbob:

http_access allow facebook allowbob

If you need to time-limit this, say you wanted to explicitly allow Bob to use Facebook between 6pm and 8am, you could slip the following in before the deny facebook record:

acl facebooktime time MTWHF 18:00-8:00
http_access allow facebook facebooktime allowbob

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