When executing ./configure command for Mesa-9.1.3 I get the following error:

checking python2 module: libxml2... no  
configure: error: failed to find required module libxml2  

when I already have libxml2 installed, and on executing apt-get install libxml2:

libxml2 is already the newest version.

This is because you lack the proper headers libraries for mesa. One way to solve them all is installing all the libraries with a single stroke:

sudo apt-get build-dep mesa

For the specific message you may need:

sudo apt-get install python-libxml2

Well this was kind of tricky, and saying that libxml2 is missing is a bad error. What is really missing (at least in my case was) python-libxml2

  • Didn't work for me :( I have "libxml2" and "libxml2-devel", and there's no python-libxml2 for my package manager (yum/fedora). – Limited Atonement Oct 9 '13 at 21:34

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