I need a command line Irc client (e.g. Irssi) that can download files from a Xdcc bot. I already tried Irssi, joined the channel and requested a file from the Xdcc bot using the usual /msg botname xdcc send #123, and the bot offered the file, but it said: Please set your client to receive the file. I already searched for an answer, but I couldn't find anything on how to accept files on a Xdcc download. So, how do I download files from a Xdcc bot using Irssi or another command line client? Also, which port do I have to open in my firewall for a Xdcc download?

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You need to /dcc get botname; or set dcc_autoget to on.
The first is the command to accept files being sent to you.
The second is a setting to auto accept files being sent to you (which can be abused by others).

I suggest reading irssi's documentation, and reading about DCC so you realize that XDCC is just a bot using DCC.

  • Thanks, this works :D I had already read the Wikipedia pages on dcc and xdcc, but neither says a single word about how to accept files. The irssi manual doesn't say anything about it either, hence my question here.
    – Kotori
    Commented Jun 5, 2013 at 1:41

You can set dcc_autoget to on:

/SET dcc_autoget ON

And add bot to white list:

/SET dcc_autoget_masks BOT_NAME

Then only bot will can send you files without confirmation.

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