On command-line and/or file managers (such as nautilus), how do we set an upper limit to data transfer/copy speed?

I haven't found anything on the manuals of "cp" or "mv". I wan't to know this since I'm having problems putting files in a microsd cards of class 4. Transfering small amounts is fine, but when I put up a large queue of files (like 100 files totalling 10gb), things go bad. There comes an "input/output error" and then onwards the sd card locks and I cannot delete or do anything with it. Setting a transfer speed would probably fix it.

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    Thanks for asking! It's interesting for my usb device too, so I added the tag :) – PythoNic Feb 26 '14 at 15:14

I think scp -l 500 original /some/destination/ might me your best option.

  • -l Limits the used bandwidth, specified in Kbit/s.

See man page

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    thanks for the help! would appreciate if anyone shared a filemanager-like drag-n-drop method too. Cheers! – Yul Otani Jun 2 '13 at 4:29

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