It's cool that it's easy to sync Ogg/Mp3/AAC music to the iPod/iPhone/iPad using Rhytmbox or Banshee, but I'm wondering that is it possible to upload lossless music somehow? As far as I know, none of the software above support Apple Lossless format - they can't even play it. Since Apple Lossless is released under the Apache License, I think there must be some open-source solution for Apple Lossless conversion.


They can play it and should support it. However, I think there is a bug in the latest rhythmbox: Rhythmbox transcoding ALAC files on the fly when syncing ipod (and I don't want it to!)

You can also use Clementine to do the job. No sync capabilities, but you can add the music manually with rhythmbox. (and I can confirm it works with apple lossless, as this is the reason I'm using it over rhythmbox at this moment)

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