I have Skype 4.2 on Ubuntu 13.04. Sometimes, Skype randomly freezes. I have to Force Quit it. I try to re-start Skype, its icon on Unity blinks to indicate it's loading. But nothing happens. The background of the icon turns back to transparent. It can't re-start. I have to shutdown my PC and restart Ubuntu, it's very tedious. Is there a way around this so that I don't have to restart my whole PC just to re-start Skype?


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You can use System Monitor, to kill the Skype process

enter image description here

Or, just press Ctrl+Alt+T on your keyboard to open Terminal. When it opens, run the command(s) below:

sudo killall skype -s 9

From this article you can go to this link and get the old 2.2.0 version of skype which is rock solid stable. Some day skype will start making solid code again, but 4.2 has been just awful.


Here are steps you can try, in increasing order of desperation. A combo of 1-3 worked for me!

  1. logout & reboot.
  2. apt-get update & upgrade.
  3. apt-get autoremove & install.
  4. install missing libraries for 32-bit mode (suggested here).
  5. check display alternatives (suggested here).

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