How can I launch the additional drivers window from the command line?


In a terminal, enter the following command:

software-properties-gtk --open-tab=4
  • 0 = Ubuntu Software
  • 1 = Other Software
  • 2 = Updates
  • 3 = Authentication
  • 4 = Additional Drivers
  • 3
    A full list of the commands are available by entering software-properties-gtk -help in Terminal May 29 '13 at 16:19

The additional drivers window is now incorporated in the Software & Updates application in Ubuntu 13.04

It can be launched from the command line (gnome-terminal). Press Alt F2 to run a command and then type gnome-terminal and press enter

This will launch a command line.

On the command line type software-properties-gtk it will launch Software & Updates window, the last tab on that window is the Additional Drivers tab.

enter image description here

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