Situation. - after file backup - realigned my hard drive as disk utility was showing misalignment errors. - first tried resize/move on the partition named in the title, which failed. - simply deleted the partition and reformatted - restored files to revived partition. (with same partition label) - linux on bootup looks for the old one, asking user to press S for skip or M for manual - so /etc/fstab is edited to delete the old entry with the old UUID. - things work fine

However: Dolphin (kde file manager) still shows error message: The file or folder /media/partitionname/foldername does not exist.

How does one stop Dolphin from looking for the old location of partitionname?

Note: NTFS configuration tool (ntfs-config) is also installed to automatically mount partitionname. This was already being regularly used before the partition was restored.

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Solved: simply edited .kde/share/config/dolphinrc to remove homeurl entry which had been previously set on the partition when it still existed

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