I recently installed a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit version on my PC, First I tried to install it from CD , but it hanged after minutes , then i tried it from a USB thumb drive the same problem ,

then I installed it using WUBI from windows 8 32-bit Pro it installed normally but whenever I boot , It hangs after two minutes, everything stops working but the mouse and the keyboard are working normally.

My PC specs are:

MB : GigaByte G41

CPU : IntelTM Core 2 Duo

HDD : 320 GB WD

GPU : Nvidia GT 630


I found out what was the problem.

The generic drivers for the GPU was the problem , I had to download the correct driver from Nvidia, then install it using

$ sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-319.23.run

And install it with the GUI provided.

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