I use multiple languages with libreoffice. I have genome ubuntu 12.04 installed. When i change the keyboard layout from English to Pashto or Persian the standard font is changed to Lohit Hindi. This font does not support many of the characters in Pashto and/or has problems with some the characters.

How do I change the settings so that when when I press (alt+shift) to change the keyboard layout the font changes to a pre-specified font like Bahij Nassim or Arial rather than Lohit Hindi.


I also have Lohit Hindi as "Basic Fonts (Western)" of my LibreOffice under Ubuntu 12.04. I am not sure how it became so. I had to:

  1. Go to Tools → Options → LibreOfiice Writer → Basic Fonts (Western)
  2. Change all "Basic fonts" from Lohit Hindi to, say, Liberation Sans.

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