Getting the following error when opening an .R file in vim (vim-r installed).

Error detected while processing /home/johnros/.vim/r-plugin/common_global.vim:

line 3106: E484: Can't open file /tmp/vIuKjzl/0

line 3327: E484: Can't open file /tmp/vIuKjzl/1

I have also imported my .vim library and .vimrc from another PC where it works nicely, so I suspect it might have to do with my environment variables.

Running fish shell, but also tried on bash.

Any ideas?

Update: When ssh'ing to a remote PC, if I tmux before ssh'ing, the problem persists. If I tmux after ssh'ing, there is no problem. tmux on local machine is 1.9 and on remote 1.5. I thus suspect vim-r does not support tmux>1.5

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It turns out the problem is with the shell. In particular, the screen plugin needed for vim-r cannot be sourced when fish is set to the default shell.

To solve this, chsh /bin/bash (or any other POSIX compatible shell).

P.S. running vim in non POSIX shells in general does seem like a very good idea. With great sorrow, I have abandoned fish shell and reverted to zsh.


Add set shell=/bin/bash to the top of your .vimrc. Then you can use whatever shell you want but vim will use bash.

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