I'm having a problem installing Ubuntu 12.04 on my ASUS UX31A alongside Windows 7; I tried to launch os-prober in my Terminal and the only option I get is

/dev/sda5:Windows Recovery Environment (loader):Windows1:chain

while Windows 7 (mounted on dev/sda3) is not showed.

This is what I see in my Disk Manager inside Windows 7: enter image description here

(sorry for the Italian Language, C: basically is the partition with Windows system's file, while the D: one is for data), while this is what I see when I launch GParted :

enter image description here

May it be because Windows is installed on SSD? How do I know that? Is it safe if I proceed with the installation for computers with UEFI, SDD and HDD ? I'm not sure that's my case.


You are using MS-DOS partition table created by Windows 7, and the maximum allowed primary partitions are 4. There are no extended partitions on your system. So when you select "Install along side windows" it tries to create a primary partition and fails.

You should make a new partition table like I've done on my HDD.

My partition table with /dev/sda1 as primary and /dev/sda2 as extended partition.

My partition table with /dev/sda1 as primary and /dev/sda2 as extended

  • when I try to install Ubuntu, it doesn't give me the option "Install alongside Windows 7" – Bianca May 23 '13 at 15:30

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