I'm in the process of adding my OpenPGP key to Launchpad and I just uploaded it to Ubuntu's keyserver. Now I can only continue once the key is available through the keyserver. Is there a way to check if that's already the case?

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Command line way:

  • Run:

      gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com --search-key 'your@mail.com'

Graphical way:

  • Run seahorse (Passwords and Encryption Keys), hit the Find Remote Keys... button, enter your key ID in the search field, and finally only select the Ubuntu keyserver:

    enter image description here


Check only by keyIDs:

gpg -i --batch --keyserver <keyserver> --recv-keys <keyIDs>

--keyserver <keyserver> => This is the server that gpg communicates with to receive keys, send keys, and search for keys
--recv-keys <keyIDs>    => Import the keys with the given keyIDs from a keyserver.
--batch                 => Don’t invoke a pinentry or do any other thing requiring human interaction.
-i                      => Asks before importing key.

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