I need to change the way the notification area applet (not the indicator applet!) is displaying notifications. I like the old way where notifications were briefly shown on a black popup window; I can only get that behavior if I remove the notification area from the panel. However, if I do so, my pidgin icon disappears also.

On my panel, there are two icons served by the applet: pidgin icon and a mail icon with small black number showing how many notifications are there. I think it is extremely annoying to accumulate notifications such as "user is offline" or "all downloads are completed" because I have to constantly click on "Clear all notifications" button .

Is there a way to filter the notifications or otherwise configure the widget? Is there a source code for it? I couldn't find it, there seems to be no process associated with the applet.

Thank you!

PS: I'm running gnome-classic on 12.04

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A crude generic solution:

How to disable notification from network-manager.

dbus-monitor "interface='org.freedesktop.Notifications'"                \
| grep --line-buffered  'string "NetworkManager"'                       \
| sed -u -e  's/.*/killall notify-osd/g'                                \
| bash

Replace string "NetworkManager" with the desired RE to filter out messages.

To get an idea of what RE pattern match to look for run:
dbus-monitor "interface='org.freedesktop.Notifications'"
and look at the output while the notifications are popping-up.

killall notify-osd is non-discriminating and completely wipes the notification stack of any pending messages irregardless of whether NM is the notifying agent.

For details see:
How can I temporarily filter-out certain notification-bubbles coming from specific sources?

cross refs.:

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