If I have a really long path to a folder, and I just want the string 'longlocation' to replace it in the terminal, I know I can edit the .bashrc file and add this command:

alias changelc='export PS1="longlocation"'

This will make the path be replaced by the string 'longlocation' whenever I enter the command 'changelc' in the terminal.

Now what I want is, if I enter the command 'changelc homefolder' then the long path be replaced by the string 'homefolder', or in general, any string that follows 'changelc'.

How do I achieve this?

  • @Radu no. I want the new text that replaces the path to be variable, not constant. That is the main difference. – GrowinMan May 20 '13 at 14:46

Switch to a bash function:

function changelc {
    export PS1="$1"

And then, when tested:

$ changelc "rawr: "

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