I have a server and a ssh session, but it seems like I've pressed something and it was a shortcut so currently, when I do w it shows my other session (which I don't know how I opened). I closed my ssh client and accessed the shell via other method and it still showed 1 user logged. From what I read seems like I pressed accidentally some shortcut key and opened second terminal. My question is how do I close it? I tried exit, it just returned logged out and users or w still shows 2 users. Also, one of my users is pts/0 other is pts/1. Thanks in advance ;)


Every time you log in, or connect to sftp, a new user gets logged in.
Try it, if you open 10 terminals and connect to your server, you will have 10 users.

But it's not a problem at all.
Just imagine a production server with thousands of users logged in.

In short: Don't worry. Unless it's an unknown user, leave it.
In case it is, you should strenghten the security of your server.
And kick him out:
w will show you the sessions.
ps faux | grep sshd will let you find the unknown person by his pts.
kill 12345 will kill the process with 12345 pid.

  • Well, thanks, no one else is logged in but I just want to close this terminal or whatever, I think I opened it via screen because when I do screen -r it shows one of them as attached. – maikati May 20 '13 at 10:56

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