I'd like to run this command without having to open up terminal every time.

sudo openvpn --config /home/ubuntu/Documents/vpnbook/vpnbook-euro2-udp25000.ovpn --auth-user-pass /home/ubuntu/Documents/vpnbook/password.txt

Would it be possible to make a script launchable from Unity's launcher?


First, because you're about not to use terminal, I change sudo to gksu. And then, if you've created a script like this:

gksu openvpn --config /home/ubuntu/Documents/vpnbook/vpnbook-euro2-udp25000.ovpn --auth-user-pass /home/ubuntu/Documents/vpnbook/password.txt

and named it your-script.sh, you can create a file like this (taken from this answer):

#!/usr/bin/env xdg-open

[Desktop Entry]
Name=<Enter visible name here>
Comment=<Enter comment here>

For example, you named the file your-launcher.desktop. Place it in ~/.local/share/applications/, open nautilus and drag-and-drop your-launcher.desktop into the Unity launcher.

Besides that, maybe (but I've not tested yet) you can place gksu openvpn --config /home/ubuntu/Documents/vpnbook/vpnbook-euro2-udp25000.ovpn --auth-user-pass /home/ubuntu/Documents/vpnbook/password.txt directly in Exec field of your-launcher.desktop.

  • In addition, if you don't want to provide your password every time you run the command, do the following: 1) Do not change sudo to gksu 2) Make openvpn sudoable without password. Here's how: askubuntu.com/questions/159007/… – S Prasanth May 20 '13 at 7:08
  • also, don't forget to make it executable – mchid Feb 13 '14 at 8:05

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