I'm developing application with Ubuntu Touch. I use QML and C++ plugin. I can launch the application from console using "qmlscene -I ./imports myApp.qml", but when I add new desktop file, wherein I write it must run my bash script, launching application, it not working. I see just white screen, when I push the button.

If I launch pure QML application, all works well. I think problem is in my C++ plugin.

I want to launch my application directly from phone, without use of adb or ssh in my desktop.

Could anyone help, please?


The way we've been doing this with the Core Apps is to package the C++ plugin separately, and make that package a dependency of your app's package. Then you don't need the -I. We also use qmlscene /path/to/app.qml directly in the .desktop file's Exec line.

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