I wanted my joomla website to send emails, so for that I installed sendmail. I tested it by using putty sendmail emailadress@domain.com content of email to check if it was working.

I made multiple attempts using that command and just one time it delivery the email to my address for my surprise.

Then I tested with the website.

Joomla website which is using sendmail service, it's actually working and sending the emails; but it us taking a long time to send the email.

For example posting on the forum: every time anyone posts on the forum it sends an email notification to the subscribers. It starts the sendmail service, and the website takes about 2 to 3 minutes to publish the post and send out the emails.

After that Joomla gives an error message

Could not execute: /usr/sbin/sendmail

However the email it's actually sent.

Using "htop" I can see only 2 minutes after posting, the sendmail service it's started.

The website in question is www.gruenherzjaeger.de

Thanks for your attention.


After several try's and digging in google. Installed sendmail + postfix multiple times with no success, tried other alternatives and nothing as well. Then I found this tutorial

Installed apt-get install exim4-daemon-light mailutils

Configured it. And boom everything started working properly.

While I was playing around with postfix I noticed it was not running neither starting, and and when I ordered it to start

postfix start

It was outputting fatal error: postfix failled to start. I think that was why it would't work. Thanks for your attention anyways =)

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