I am trying to install Citrix receiver on Ringtail and I seem to be having a dependency issue. I have installed the correct architecture, but it requires a separate install of Open Motif. OpenMotif install fails: "Dependency is not satisfiable: xlibs-dev." Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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I had a similar problem after virgin install of 13.04.

Found this article What to do after installing Ubuntu 13.04

Inside it found these 2 things that worked for be

sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Then followed instructions on CitrixICAClientHowTo again Citrix worked, problem seemed to be nspluginviewer was still 32-bit and I had not installed the ia32-libs correctly until I did 2 things above.


This walkthrough was able to get Citrix Receiver installed (and circumvent Citrix's install package errors) for me:


If you still run into issues, let us know how you're trying to install the package (ie: via Software Center? dpkg? etc.). You may want to remove icaclient via apt-get first, before doing anything else. It seems Citrix's install package is rather finicky and not working in a lot of cases.

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