When Rhythmbox finishes playing a song, it jumps to play the next song of the selected album. This is all well and good BUT the selected album may be different than the currently playing album, and I may not wish to play it - I may be merely browsing my library.

I realize this is probably 'works as designed' and not a bug - but it is really annoying and makes browsing the music library practically impossible for more than a length of a given song. I must browse back to the current album before the song finishes, or else it goes to play whatever is selected.

Is there any way around this?


The observation is a feature of rhythmbox - it has always been done this way.

So - "Is there any way around this?"

Yes & No.

  • First the No.

There is no method directly from the library browser - this is (as its name suggests) - built for searching and navigating your music library.

  • Yes

From the library browser you can create playlists - you can highlight all the tracks from an album - right click and create a playlist of your album.

Thus you can play from the playlist and when the album finishes, no more tracks are played.

Yes - this sounds like a workaround - that's how the default rhythmbox works.

  • better way

First the disclaimer - I'm the author of the following.

Rhythmbox handling of albums is rather lacklustre - which is why I created the coverart-browser plugin.


By playing from the plugin:

  1. Double clicking the album, or
  2. pressing the space-bar when an album icon is highlighted, or
  3. right clicking and choosing play-album

Rhythmbox will then play all the tracks for the album - and more importantly finish playing at the end of the album/albums that were initially selected.

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