I had fingerprint-gui set up and working nicely, used it for login and authenticating root stuff. Now suddenly it stopped working. It does not show the "Enroll your finger" prompt.

I reinstalled fingerprint-gui and it does not recognize my fingerprint reader. It just shows "No devices found". But in the menu underneath it shows " Upek (0x147e) Biometric Touchstrip / Touchstrip Fingerprint Sensor (0x1002) "

I don't understand because until now it was running just fine.

Ubuntu 12.04, Unity

UPDATE: WORKS NOW - Probably after an update

  • It works now.. Probably an update – Radovan Bezak May 15 '13 at 11:39

Same thing happened for me after yesterdays update. It just stoped working. I have a Lenovo T420 and Ubuntu 13.04 x64.

Since it was an fingerprint-gui update I'm guessing that this is not an Ubuntu issue but it's worth a try asking :)

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