I need to access my mounted iso in terminal but where it is mounted? My partitions used to mount in /media

What are the general paths for where different things are mounted?

Edit: I mounted my ISO by just double clicking it (Ubuntu 10.10)

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Look in ~/.gvfs/ as that's where gnome tends to mount things.

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  • Great! Its there. – Ashfame Mar 7 '11 at 20:06

In my case, in Lubuntu, using Furius iso mounter, the path was /home/user/isofilename_ISO. Using AcetoneISO, the path was /home/user/virtual-drives/1. In case the mount point is not automatically accessed, Acetone can be set to do that: go to File/Options/General options/File manager and select file browser (e.g., Thunar or Nautilus, after having installed them: in Lubuntu/LXDE I do not recommend Nautilus, but Thunar; selecting LXDE in that list seems useless). enter image description here

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