Everytime I turn off my bluetooth, the indicator icon in the system tray disappears, as opposed to just greying out as expected. Next time I need to go to the settings select bluetooth to turn it on, which makes the indicator to reappear.

Is there anyway I can make the indicator icon not disappear but stay greyed out when not in use?

  • You can try this solution Blueman. Hope it help. May 10, 2013 at 9:14
  • I had used Blueman back in 12.10. But didnt like the fact that it just created another bluetooth indicator apart from the one present by default. So when bluetooth is on, I would have two bluetooth icons in the system tray
    – charlie
    May 10, 2013 at 10:52
  • To charlie, about blueman: it is possible to get rid of the extra bluetooth icon in the panel (disabling blueman's, leaving only the default icon). Instructions here. Jun 23, 2013 at 10:55
  • 1
    Bug report: #1126108
    – Cas
    Nov 18, 2013 at 18:35
  • 1
    It does work, however this is an offtopic question for AU as it is a known bug and the question will no longer be relevant once fixed.
    – Cas
    Nov 22, 2013 at 9:58

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Thanks Grzegorz for the nudge in the right direction.

I found the below bazaar fork there. Its pending review but seems to be working for most:


Installation instructions are at:

How do I install a bazaar fork in 13.10?

The summary of commands to use:

sudo apt-get install bzr build-essential 
sudo apt-get build-dep indicator-bluetooth  
bzr branch lp:~robert-ancell/indicator-bluetooth/dont-hide-on-rfkill  
cd dont-hide-on-rfkill  
sudo dpkg -i indicator-bluetooth_0.0.6daily13.02.19-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb

Restart system


Unfortunately you can't make bluetooth activator to grey out if not active in Ubuntu 13.04.

Check the sources of indicator-bluetooth at Launchpad.

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