On Ubuntu 10.04 Server, you can edit a file and it will automatically add a nameserver to the /etc/resolv.conf on boot. Unfortunately, Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop does not have this feature that I'm aware of, although perhaps I could be wrong.

See, as a web developer, I replace my localhost domain with "me.com" (since I never use me.com) in my /etc/hosts file. So, I can visit my own web server this way. But since my /etc/resolv.conf doesn't have nameserver in it, every lookup has to go out to my slow ISP DNS lookup and then back. So, I edit the file manually, but every time I reboot, the connection gets lost, and every time my ISP has troubles and my system renegotiates afterwards, I have to type this entry in again.

Oh, and I prefer that the nameserver be first, not last.

Note without this entry, every connection to me.com is slow. With this entry, my connection to me.com is super fast.

Is there a way to automatically do this on boot?



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