Does Ubuntu Touch have a desktop mode? I mean with like a full unity inferface so you can use your tablet like a regular Ubuntu PC. Heard this is not possible due to the display server. I did however see this a few months back and wondering if its on Touch:

  • I think this will work with a dockingstation. You will have do dock your tablet/phone with Ubuntu on your screen at the tablet/phone will enter a desktop mode which is available on the screen. So, it would be like Ubuntu for Android, but more like Ubuntu for Ubuntu Touch. But I also think, all this stuff is still in production and also conception. We will see, how it will work (hopefully). – TIIUNDER May 8 '13 at 21:51

Yes, but it is a bit limited, the only 2 desktop applications that are available are LibreOffice and Gimp

Others can be installed by using a tool named Libertine It needs more documentation to be useful to novice users

Yes I think it does have a desktop mode. At least, that's how they advertised it. Idk how it would work though.

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