For a talk about Linux I will be using Ubuntu to show off how flexible Open Source is, but one of the things I want to do is show Ubuntu with a Windows 7 Theme, which I will then change when a friend just happens to ask "But you are using Windows 7 to talk about Open Source", at that moment I will change the whole theme back to the default Ubuntu theme (Unity) which should have a impact on users that have not yet moved to Ubuntu.

Since I will be doing this on 13.04 (Examples for 11.04 up to 12.10 do not work in 13.04) I need a solution for this version. I have tried the following links and between not working and making the whole system unstable (Had to install from scratch) they did not solve my question:

Is there an Ubuntu theme available to make it look like Windows 7?

How to Make Ubuntu look like Windows Vista?

So how can I change Ubuntu to a Windows 7 theme in 13.04?

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