After I update firefox to version 20, right-click on the web page gives almost all of menu list. I use firefox 'Menu Editor' extension to cancel some list items in right-click menu, but I find some list items do not work such as 'Save Link As ...'.

Is here anyone who meet the same problem ?


The culprit for me was the Firebug add-on. Disable it, restart Firefox, and the right-click issue should be resolved. Perhaps an update to the add-on would also resolve the problem.

Hope that helps! Also hope this answer doesn't get deleted by overzealous moderators.

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I use Firebug regularly, so couldn't just disable it and upgrading to the latest version of Firebug also didn't seem to resolve it. However, reset-ing Firefox (which will remove all your extensions and plugins - see http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/reset-firefox-easily-fix-most-problems) and then re-installing Firebug 1.10.5 worked for me. I imagine, un-installing just Firebug and re-installing would also fix it.

More details on the issue can be found at http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/956675

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