Is there any way to add support for epub & mobi to the default document viewer in Ubuntu?

Calibre is an overkill for me there is any other small and light software out there?

  • You can use ebook-viewer from command line. It is part of calibre, but is simple to use. Just type ebook-viewer file.epub in console and it will open.
    – Rafal
    Oct 16, 2013 at 9:16

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You can use FBReader. FBReader is a multi-platform e-book reader.

supports several open e-book formats: fb2, html, chm, plucker, palmdoc, ztxt, tcr (psion text), rtf, oeb, openreader, non-DRM'ed mobipocket, plain text, epub, eReader1

You can download and install from the Ubuntu Software Center, or click the image below:

Install via the software center

1Source:Ubuntu Apps

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