I have already Installed KeePass2 and also installed Add-on ChromeiPass. But I don't know how to integrate it. Pls help me with the instructions.

It's showing error:

chromeIPass has encountered an error:  
Is KeePassHttp installed and is KeePass running?
  1. Download KeePassHttp
  2. Copy it into the KeePass directory: /usr/lib/keepass2

But in order to paste it, you have to do it as a root/Administrator
Follow the link below for instructions:
Work As Root / Administrator in Ubuntu 13.04


Open KeyPass, and visit any login page in Chrome/Chromium i.e gmail.com.

Click the ChromeIPass icon in the URL bar and click the Connect button.

You should see this dialog box:

Enter any name for your browser here, like Chrome and save it. You're all Done!

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