I chose my ~/Music directory as my library location in Rhythmbox, but rhythmbox is still displaying songs that are located in other directories. (All the music in my ~/Music folder is in ALAC, but I keep the original flac files in a separate directory for the day my ipod dies and I can completely go with flac) How can I prevent this? I didn't have this problem on 12.04, but after a clean install of 13.04 I have.


EDIT: I noticed "Music" (in Rhythmbox) kan be expanded to "Music" and "Purchased". The former contains only the files from my ~/Music folder as it should. But the "global" Music still show all the files from other folders too.


Two key areas you should check to resolve this.

check 1


In the preferences window you may have a location/multiple locations where rhythmbox is monitoring both the folder(s) set and also sub-folders


You can change these locations either via the Browser button - or using dconf-editor


Install dconf-tools

check 2

If you have in the past inadventently imported from another folder location, rhythmbox will remember this.

Thus, you'll need to reset your rhythmbox database - remove the rhythmdb.xml file found in ~/.local/share/rhythmbox

Then reimport all of your music again.

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  • Resetting my rhythmbox database did the trick. Thanks! – user138784 May 4 '13 at 19:24

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