I bootet my Macbook 8-2 with Kubuntu Rarings

Normal Live CD mode: Only discrete AMD GPU found, everthings fine.

EFI Installer (EFI mode needed to use other GPU): Screen goes black (even on ttys).

So I do the same, but use nomodeset on the GRUB line: Splash and Installer GUI show, but "Try Kubuntu" (Live CD mode) gives black screen.

I install Kubuntu, reboot, boot holds: radeondrmfb has a problem taking away the framebuffer from the intel driver (two GPUs).

So I use nomodeset again. Splash, boot runs through to text login, no X: lightdm not running. Xorg.log tells me "no displays found".

Any ideas? Basically I just want to use Intel iGPU to save battery.


ArchWiki knows how to do it without rEFInd ... maybe you have to let go of AMD, but there you go.

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You can not use EFI mode and Linux at the same time. For some reason the mac books go all wiggly. Use BIOS mode and then enable the intel chip.

This question worked for me last time I tried.

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