I'm trying the option -follow_mouse with both ffmpeg and avconv and I can't make it work.

avconv version 0.8.6-6:0.8.6-1ubuntu2 tells me:

Option follow_mouse not found.

ffmpeg version git-2013-01-05-6717d1a, doesn't complain, but the outline doesn't follow the mouse, and the resulting video is also not moving.

My full command line is the following:

ffmpeg -f alsa -i pulse -f x11grab -show_region 1 -r 10 -s 960x540 -i :0.0+10,200 \
    -acodec pcm_s16le -qscale 0 -follow_mouse 100 screencast.avi

How to make it work? Am I doing something wrong, or should I get a different version?


Option placement matters. -follow_mouse is an input option, but you're attempting to apply it to the output, so ffmpeg will ignore it. Try:

ffmpeg -f alsa -i pulse -f x11grab -show_region 1 -follow_mouse 100 -r 10 \
-s 960x540 -i :0.0+10,200 -acodec pcm_s16le -qscale 0 screencast.avi
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