I am noticing some unusual network data transfer activity. Is there any software that can show the amount of network data transfer is process is doing.

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    Do you mean Disk I/O or network transfer (internet)? – sebikul Mar 3 '11 at 19:54

You could use nethogs to see the speed of transfer for each process.

sudo apt-get install nethogs

Run it in terminal by running sudo nethogs but if you have more than one network device, you may need to specify it like so:

sudo nethogs eth0
sudo nethogs eth1  
sudo nethogs wlan0  
sudo nethogs wlan1  

A picture of nethogs working with a chrome opening a webpage:

Nethogs in Action

You also have bmon which shows you ethernet devide usage.

sudo apt-get install bmon

and just run it like sudo bmon it will show you all network devices are their usage BMON in Action


You can use a command line tool called nethogs. First install it:

sudo apt-get install nethogs

Then call it on the interface.Like this for Ethernet interface:

sudo nethogs eth0

It shows at what speed, processes are sending and receiving data.It may help you to find the unusual data transfer.

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