First, I went to the Brother site and downloaded the driver and key. welcome.solutions.brother.com

I installed the driver and key by clicking on them and installing via the Ubuntu Software Center. The Center informed me that the files were of poor quality. I informed the Center to proceed as directed and not give me any backtalk.

Second, I added the scanner to libsane.rules using the terminal to get root access to the editor:

sudo gedit '/lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules'

Then I inserted language before the following line in that file:

"# The following rule will disable USB autosuspend for the device"

Here is the language to add:

# Brother scanners

ATTRS{idVendor}=="04f9", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes"

Third, I saved the file, closed the editor, closed the terminal, rebooted.

How to fix this ?

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Try installing drivers for Brother AIO printer drivers which has scanner function, which found in Main Ubuntu Repository

sudo apt-get install brother-lpr-drivers-ac brother-lpr-drivers-bh7 brother-lpr-drivers-common brother-lpr-drivers-extra brother-lpr-drivers-laser brother-lpr-drivers-laser1 brother-cups-wrapper-extra

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