Is it possible to somehow modify the XFCE alt+tab switcher?

What I'd like:

  1. use theme icons (for some apps it uses some lowres-non-theme ones, for others it works nice)
  2. don't make tiny previews for gimp, ristretto, etc.

I'm at 13.04 Xubuntu.

Some apps, that have "ugly" icons in switcher: Terminator, Clementine, Skype, Synaptic Some apps, that have the nice theme's icons: Chromium, Firefox, Thunderbird


I don't think there is a straightforward way to deal with low-resolution icons, other than manually tweaking the icon theme and replacing the offending icons. And I don't think that you can get rid of the previews.

But instead of modifying the default xfwm4 task-switcher, you could easily replace it with a different task-switcher like Skippy-XD. So instead of being presented with icons, you would have actual previews of your windows.

See Something like 'KDE Present Windows' / 'Compiz Scale' / 'Mac OS X exposé' in Openbox / LXDE / Xfce? for some usage and installation details (and screenshots). But in short you can install latest development packages from Skippy-XD PPA (daily). Then you can bind skippy-xd command to Alt + Tab or Alt + Esc or whatever.

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