I have just installed some graphics drivers on my Debian 6. I used sgfxi script which generated /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and installed ATI drivers. After installation which was succeeded I couldn't start Gnome again. I saw only blinking cursor on the plain screen. When I rebooted system it looked the same. I used to use Debian about two years ago but I had never such problems with X-server.


It is because of the compatibility problems between your display manager gdm3 and your Graphics driver. Here is a tutorial which explains how to install ATI graphics card drivers without causing an Issue with your display manager : How to Install ATI drivers in debian ?

If you want to boot back in to your machine again, you have to un-install the existing drivers by going to the recovery mode and Un-installing the drivers. [Fix]Gdm3 doesn’t start after installing ATI/AMD drivers in Debian !

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