I have a little problem with my vim config.

This what I got in my home/user/.gvimrc

syntax enable "Enable syntax hl

colorscheme peaksea

set background=dark

set gfn=Inconsolata:h11

set nonu

set history=1000

set scrolloff=3

set number " turn on line numbers

" Save a global session file on session close
nmap SQ <ESC>:mksession! ~/.vim/session/Session.vim<CR>:wqa<CR>

function! RestoreSession()
  if argc() == 0 "vim called without arguments
    execute 'source ~/.vim/session/Session.vim'
autocmd VimEnter * call RestoreSession()

The colorsheme work, but the font has way to much spacing. Every sentence is twice as long. I installed the Inconsolata font and I have the same config on my windows 7 box and it works fine.


You're using the wrong format for the 'guifont' setting. The format FontName:h10 works for Windows, but not *nix. Instead, use :set gfn=* to bring up the font dialog to choose your font and size. Then you can check the correct format for your current OS. Or you can read :help 'gfn'.

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