My Laptop came installed with Windows 7 and 320 GB of hard drive space. A few weeks ago I decided to try Ubuntu for a change, and created a 30GB partition for it.

Now, I want to give more space for the Ubuntu partition because I want to use Ubuntu OS permanently and probably migrate completely sometime soon from W7. I tried GParted Editor but I can't resize/move partitons (I see a lock icon next to partitions).

How do I resize the W7 partition FROM Ubuntu? Is it possible? Can I "unmount" the W7 partition and then resize it without breaking it?

  • Try booting from the CD, and do it that way. – Mitch Apr 24 '13 at 6:34

DO NOT try resizing Windows 7 drive from GParted. It creates huge issues with boot sector and flags, and you might as well just reinstall Windows. Just shrink the Windows volume from Windows Disk Management in Adminstrative Tools. That will give you free space. After that downoad GParted Live, here http://sourceforge.net/projects/gparted/files/gparted-live-stable/0.14.1-6/gparted-live-0.14.1-6-i486.iso/download burn it to a CD and boot from it, then use the freed disk space after shrinking Windows drive to resize Ubuntu drive. Make sure you're resizing the / and not /home or /usr if you have flags for them.

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