Building on my earlier question, where the accepted answer used keyboard accelerators for some elements of the dialog,

  • I'm still trying to find the accelerator (and/or quickest way) to select (focus) the
    • tmp folder and
    • my bookmarks in the “Places” side-pane of Nautilus' “Save as … ” dialog,
  • without having to traverse and mount other filesystems, which are in between
    • Recently Used, Home, Desktop --- and ---
    • tmp, bookmarks.

Any idea how?

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this may still be optimized further, but just serendipitously discovered this which goes most (or even all) of the way:

  • if you start in the Name field, just use the Down arrow cursor key once, twice or thrice (even that will sometimes get you to the bookmarks in the places pane)
  • alternatively and additionally (which is my new discovery), you may (also) find using the Left arrow and Right arrow (note that F6 does sth similar) useful in switching from the directory-content-pane directly to Bookmarks in the Places pane.


  • to skip mounting the drives "in between", using home and end in Places does seem to work... it still feels a bit clumsy (requiring Left arrow and Right arrow occasionally) though...
  • this is not "the final thing" yet; sometimes I still can't find a way to skip mounting the drives....... Commented May 6, 2013 at 10:30

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