I have a windows app that uses the .application extension. I can open it in Thunar by double clicking it, or R-Click and open with rundll32. I want to create a .desktop shortcut to open this so I can use it in my menus and Thunar custom actions.

According to the wine wiki, rundll32 needs to be used as,

    wine rundll32 <dll_file>,<function> [function arguments]

but is the <dllfile> supposed to mean the .application file? Also, I'm not sure what function or arguments to use.

This is a snippet from an .exe shortcut that works:

    Exec=env WINEPREFIX="/home/akovia/.wine-dotnet40" wine C:\\\\Program\\ Files\\\\Windows\\ Program.exe

Thanks for any help that can be offered.

I've done some more poking around but still no joy. The .application file put a shortcut on my desktop .appref-ms that works if I double-click it, but creating a launcher to execute it fails.

Is there some way to see what command Thunar is using to launch either of these files and how to recreate it in a .desktop file?

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