I wanted to install Ubuntu Studio, and I'm confused where I should install GRUB. I wanted to chainload bootloader (because I want to dual-boot) and keeps Windows Bootloader, because I'm using EasyBCD.

Here is the list of my partitions:

/dev/sda          (HD 500 GB)
 /dev/sda1 132 GB (Windows 8 bootloader)
 /dev/sda2 141 GB (NTFS-formatted partition for Windows 8)
 /dev/sda3 151 GB (NTFS-formatted partition for Windows 8)
 /dev/sda4        (Extended Partition)
  /dev/sda5  11 GB (FAT32)
  /dev/sda6  25 GB (Ubuntu) (mount: /) ##planned##
  /dev/sda7   5 GB (Home Folder (/home))
  /dev/sda8   1 GB (swap memory) ##planned##

Which partition should I choose to install GRUB? I'm new to Linux.

Thanks for answer.


You can install that on every partition that you want.(i.e. you can install it on multi partitions by issue grub-install ) . Because all of the installed partitions point to same thing. But please take note that you cannot install it on /boot partition since it is not a block device.). Please be in touch with me by farshidzamanirad@gmail.com regards Farshid

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