I have been attempting to install Ubuntu server 12.04. After the boot screen, I just get continuous scrolling messages that won't stop, along the lines of:

[ ###.######] ehci_hcd 0000:00:13.2 port 2 resume error -110

I've been digging for a solution, but the closet thing I could find had something to do with USB. I disabled onboard USB, but this had no effect on it.

I cannot get to a prompt or stop the scrolling messages using any commands.

Any advice?

Although not a clear answer to your problem, after some search i found that ehci_hcd refers to Enhanced Host Controller Interface (EHCI) driver for USB as per this man... and it is used for USB 2.0 devices.

Such problems can be found in cases of:

  1. Faulty hardware
  2. The hardware cannot work with current kernel
  3. Bugs in kernel
  4. Faulty installation

I would not bet on 3 as it is an LTS version released at 2012 and many bugs should be fixed.

You could retry re-downloading the image and re-installing with any USB devices unplugged.

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