I am trying to make a slim-looking radiance theme. I dont want to switch to linuxmint for slim interfaces, and I like the unity interface more.

I have been able to reduce padding from almost all the file in theme-name/gtk-3/*.css and metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml.

I am still not able to find any place/setting where I can reduce the size of the menu bar. I would like to make it thin. Say 3px or 4px thin.

You can see in the below shown picture I have been able to slim the size of windows border, and also a little bit for the toolbar (although I would like to reduce it more). The menu bar is still thick and big.

Please suggest what shall I do, to make it slim ? My Theme files.

Screenshot of my Desktop


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I ran

mlocate unity.css 

and saw there are two other css-files:



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