I've an MX Revolution mouse and I've mapped the search key as the button 2 so that I can perform middle click. The desired function that I'm looking for is to be able to use the button to press and hold so I can pan around a 3d model in blender. Instead, I am getting a fast alternation of button press and button release which has a slight delay that is causing the panning to be jerky. The line that I use in .xbindkeysrc looks like this:

"echo 'buttonpress 2 buttonrelease 2' | xmacroplay :0"
    m:0x0 + c:225

I suspect the problem is the buttonrelease 2 command. but I'm not sure. Is there anyway I can make the button press and hold command until I release the button on the mouse?


Well I have found the answer. I used xdotool instead of xmacroplay and used the following code:

"echo 'mousedown 2' | xdotool - :0" m:0x0 + c:225 "echo 'mouseup 2' | xdotool - :0" release + m:0x0 + c:225 XF86Search

The key is the "release +" feature. without it, the mousedown 2 will force a constant click on middle mouse button. A new code mouseup 2 that is set to activate on release is how to fix it.

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