My question is how to upgrade kernel versions for Ubuntu 12.04? My computer specifications are:

Ubuntu 12.04
Kernel Version Linux 3.2.0-40-generic AMD Processor
64 bit processor.

I have checked out the link, from youtube. The video that I have found helpfully and good instructions. But I am a little sceptical if it's the right method on upgrading kernel version. video on kernel upgrade

  • Question: why do you want to? This is something you should normally only do if you have a problem. Reminder: 12.04 is -lts- so you use it for its stability and not for it to be bleeding edge. – Rinzwind Apr 15 '13 at 17:04
  • For generic instructions see askubuntu.com/questions/379033/… – Bryce Nov 18 '13 at 18:56

The video that you have just watched is 100% legit way of updating your kernel. To summarize things up you basically download 4 kernel files

  1. Linux-image
  2. Linux-image-extra
  3. Linux-headers-generic

You download first 3 based on your OS bit so 32bit - i386 or 64bit - AMD64


  • Linux-headers-all

is for both OS architecture

once you have those files downloaded you open terminal and locate files that you have just downloaded using


command and then simply execute the installation process by running

sudo dpkg -i linux*.deb

Notice that it is good thing to remove all other .deb files from the folder that you downloading kernel files so they won't mess up during installation.

  • Thank Nikki, for the information that you posted. Very detailed information. Good info. Again thanks Nikki. From Ronnie Marlow – Ronnie Marlow Apr 15 '13 at 17:16

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