I am trying to replace manually a library for freeradius.
On a one hand I installed freeradius with an apt-get install. There was a library "libfoo-2.0.4.so" (let's call it the lib(apt)).
On the other hand I used the sources (from apt-get source) to modify the library "libfoo-2.0.4.so" (let's call it the lib(src)). The i compiled the sources (./configure, make) to retrieve this modified lib(src). (The lib works fine when i test it).

When I try to manually replace lib(apt) by lib(src) the freeradius segfaults during the call of that library.
So it seems that the libraries are not compatible.

Could it be because of compilation issues? (precompiled version versus local compilation) Or build option issues?

ps: i am kind of new to these websites so i'm not sure i'm posting this in the right place..


When you install library or any other package using apt-get, it is always stable so most recommended because they are tested and repositories are well maintained by developers. When you install library or any other packages by compiling source code , chances are less to be stable. Sometimes it also causes problems.

Replacing src with apt versions of library will be not compatible and creates problems.

For more Information glance at Ubuntu.

  • Hi @K.K Patel, Thanks for your answer. I figured out that it might be caused by different build options (like with ./configure). Are you saying that even with the same build options the lib files won't be compatible? – yco Apr 15 '13 at 12:54

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