I am installing wordpress of Bitnami in ubuntu 12.04 amd64. When I run installation, it pops a window letting me choose 'MySQL Server port'. I use the default 3306. But it says : It seems you do not have enough permissions to bind to the port or the port is already taken by another application. Please select another one. I use 'service mysql status' and 'sudo lsof -i:3306' to find that mysql service is running with port 3306. What is the matter? Thanks

  • It sounds like Bitnami is trying to bind its own MySQL or DB server or something to 3306. Choose a different port, maybe?
    – Thomas Ward
    Apr 15, 2013 at 5:10

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BitNami installers are self-contained and independent of your system. The BitNami WordPress stack will install MySQL and Apache servers in your installation directory. If you already have a MySQL server running, you can configure the installer to use a different port, for example 3307.

I hope it helps.

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