I'm using ubuntu 12.10 on laptop samsung with randeon hd 6620g (APU A8), when I run amdcccle -version it says 2.18, not sure if that's the correct version.

My problem is that I have and external monitor, AOC e2343Fsk and when I finally got it working at the resolution I want 1920x1080 it works fine for like 5minutes and then it starts flickering... I solved this on Windows (the exact same problem) with some options (I don't remember very well) I believe there were some buttons '+' and '-' on some vsync option I played with them on windows and Yay! got it working, but I don't see anything similar on this catalyst version (I used xorg-edgers ppa for installing fglrx).



Try this:

  1. Run Ubuntu Software Center
  2. Install CompizConfig Settings Manager
  3. Run CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm)
  4. Click OpenGL
  5. Ensure Vertex Buffer Object is unchecked

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